Casinos And Gambling

Casino gaming has seen, among other things, sustained growth over the years, especially in the US and Macau, China and a host of other countries. Research has shown that casino gambling can be positives of sorts especially to boost the economy of a country. Despite this, there have been reservations. A notable example of this is the blame the Singapore local community is putting on Casino gambling.They are of the opinionthat in some way, it has some negative consequences for the economy. The thing is Government and local workers do not really benefit from casinos because most of the income generated in this casino websites( goes outside the country.

The Positives

Creation Of Employment Opportunities For Locals

The existence of casinos means more jobs for locals. A lot of jobs that are out there require low-skill which automatically translates to low pay. However, casino workers are better looked after; their welfare and all and they are relatively paid better than the average jobs.Casino jobs do not also require as much energy as most jobs, especially low skill ones do. In addition, they can create instant employment opportunities in the localities they are situated.

Boosts Per Capital Income

Per capital income is often not perfect but it is a genuine standard of economic viability. Now, here is the thing, per capital income made some outstanding growth of about 5 percent in casino countries. This didn’t happen in non casino countries. If you look at it, this is very significant. The bottom-line is that not only does casino brings growth to the local economy, but on average, the normal locals get something too.

Strong Economic Development instrument

Casino gambling can be an instrument for economic sustainability. Basically, the goods and services the country exports needs to increase or whatever they import needs to decrease. This ensures an increase in income. Now, casinos are played online all over the world. The country the casino is operated from is exporting some sort of service. Countries can achieve economic growth way without these but they do come with another price.

More Influx of Tax

Another advantage of having a land based casino around is that lots of tax will be received from them. Now, if the casino is situated in the country side where there is usually a lack of business, the existence of the casino would drive in other businesses. The country, through the gaming commission gets more profit from the tax the casinos pay to continue their operations. This will bring a large influx of tourists and the cycle of profit garnering goes on.

The Negatives

Most of these negatives borders on personal problems but as we have it, they have some consequences on the economic and general well-being of a country and its people.

Risk Of Addiction

There are gamblers who become so invested in the game that they become pathologically addicted to gambling. As a result, their lives and family feel the consequences. Research has shown that gambling is more appealing to low income earners than average or high income earners. It is also believed that the existence of gambling operations increases addiction problems. An estimated one percent or less are addicted gamblers but when a casino is situated in a community, the number increases exponentially between two to seven percent. The sad thing about addicted gamblers is that they would continue to gamble until they lose everything.

Presence Of Crime

There are lots of arguments against gambling, especially by locals because they believe that the existence of casino increases crime rates. There are strict gambling laws and regulations but people still find ways to cheat. As a matter of fact, some people say they have reasons to believe that casino operators commit tax fraud. An improperly managed casino gives rapid rise to drugs, irresponsible drinking and prostitution. These things thrive there and they are either tolerated or ignored. The economic implication of this is that a crime-filled community and by extension, a country would look unappealing to investors and drive them away.

It Affects Family's Lives

Addicted gamblers, in lots if way, are more prone to lead an unhealthy family life. And on many occasions, they may be violent. Let’s be particular about their children; in general, they do not do well at school and they become suicidal. In fact, we could be talking about a suicide rate of two times higher in comparison to that of their classmates. Also, suicide rates and attempts among addicted gamblers are significantly higher than the rest of the population.The sad thing about addicted gamblers is that they would continue to gamble until they lose everything. Although, there are rehabilitation services but some would argue that this wouldn’t a problem if there is no existence of casinos.